Pug Raids = Stroke inducing anger


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At this point in my endgame pursuit of gear, the best place to get that gear would be Raids. But here is the problem I have with raids…


I don't care what raid your in, but if your not in a guild with 300 lvl geared 80s that all know what they are doing, trying to pull a raid together is about as much fun as suicide.

For example the bane of raid groups is finding: Heals, 2-3 tanks depending, and DPS that know how to DPS. Once you do get a group together, 80% of the time the people in the raid have no idea what they are doing. Don’t take the time to look up the fights online if they have never done them, and then when 1 person dies, which tends to happen from time to time, EVERYONE LEAVES, as if they joined a lame 5 man heroic which takes no skill to do.

Blizzard, fix your raid system! There are lvl requirments to get into Instances, there should be gear requirements to get into raids. There is a LFG that works alright for instances, why not make something easy to use for raids? If ppl leave early, as in within 5 mins of the raid starting, then they should be blocked from joining another Raid for an hour.

Figure it out Blizz

PokeSmot's rise to fame


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Well, we started a guild back in November with me and a couple of friends from College. Needless today we were quite the partiers “back in the day” and we wanted something that represented a place and time. We chose the name ….if you don’t know what that means, plz don’t think about it for too long!...

Anyway it was more of a joke at the time, and we were all thinking to ourselves… maybe we should just can this carnival and join a REAL guild.

Then I had a great idea…lets just ask everyone we see today to join our guild that is not already in a guild, and maybe they will join. Granted we are totally LF quantity and not quality here, but I mean the guild was a jok3 to begin with right..lol


In 2 days we jumped from a 10 man guild to a 70 man guild. Sweet! Its strange getting on and there are just all these ppl on…wow we are totally a l3git population now..lol

How to leave Comments silly gooses


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Someone e-mailed me not knowing how to leave comments on my blog....

okay here is how you do it..lol

See th big number above the blog title? click on it that will let you comment. if its a "0" it means that so far there are no comments....Could i fix this? yes probably, but I dont have time to dick with it sorry

Shadow Word Death....Death


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In the constant struggle to improve my very much depressing, sob story of DPS I've been playing around with spell rotation and trinkets....

For the last  several lvls...lets say from 65-80 my main spell sequence was mostly habit. VT,DP,MB,SW:D,SW:P,MF ect......

I always felt that my DPS was pathetic and sad...and it was I'll admit.....

After spending WAY tooo much wasted time at work browsing various DPS blog, I desided to play around with my spell rotation with this being the new rotation:
DP,VT,MB,MF,SW:P,MF(2 ticks),MB,VT ect......

Basically I came to the conclusion that 1 SW:D=1MB, 2 ticks MF= 1 MB, 2 ticks MF > 1SW:D with global cooldown and a pause in spell tick time with SW:D


200+ DPS to stats

Pays to experiment

Basically I throwout the basic opening DP/VT/MB, MF for the remainder of the 5 stacks to Shadow weaving, then SW:P, I have time for 2 thicks of MF before CD on MB is up, which is milaseconds before the CD for VT is up, then just MF until whatever cooldown is up and repeat as needed.

I've also started just using the crap out of shadowfiend, treating it like a DOT I can use once every 2 mins instead of manabattery. By the time I start really having mana issues the CD is up and I can use it again anyway, plus I get a scary looking DOT that freaks out all the Huntards in the raid.

I just found using SW:D outside of running around was eating up a few ticks that I could have used for more DPS speed vs wait for another CD...

yay SP!!!!!!

Money Money Money


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This has nothing to do with Shadow Priest but everything to do with Gold. We need gold to buy new spells, lvl professions and overal allow us to get what we want when we want it. Unfortunatly, getting gold is a BIG PAIN IN THE ASS in WOW. Really! I would rather pull my hair out and scream at Lego Blocks than farm, but is the cost of doing buisness I guess!

Anyway I found this site awhile ago and I might as well share it.

This site gives some pretty good tips on making money in wow, some are creative others more banal but oh well. Have fun with it use it and abuse its advice!

Peace out, Arg I mean BLING BLING BLING!

Priest need civil rights too


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when you think of priest it funny to think abou their rep in WOW. For some reason, Priest are the BITCH of WOW. Every group wants a priest be it shadow for increased spell hit for other DPS, mana rejuv or Holy and Dis to heal.

But everytime Priest are brought up into Trade chat, everyone just talks massive shit on Priest. ?

Why? Because Priest arn't Tanks we dont sit in the front of the room and wave our hands saying LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!!!!!!

I love hearing about the palidin or the warrior that boast about this run and that run, but healers in general are given no praise.

You know what Healers, you rock, good job, keep up the good work!

Priest, your so fucking amazing, everyone talks shit because they are SOOOOOOO envious that we wear cloth but roll like a tank. Priest....pat yourself on the back!!!!

Gosh I feel better already!

Merry X-Mas everyone!

Dont Freakout your belated patch notes are here: patch 3.3


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Okay, you’ve probably though I’ve fallen off the deep end and forgot to update my blog….Well your only half right…..

Basically since the patch came out at the beginning of the month I’ve been spending quite a bit of time playing around with the new features, and playing around with some of the new SP mechanics. Here are my thoughts, ironically enough we got basically everything from the test realm.

Improved devouring plague now deals 10/20/30% of its total periodic effect instantly, up from 5/10/15%.

I really like this Buff, you know get 30% up from 15% of total damage instantly. Basically this makes this spell not only continue to deal great damage over time, but also act as a mini nuke if used at the right time along with mind blast and shadow word death. I have Danvangogh with about 17.38% haste, and I feel this impacts the spell minimally for increased DPS.

•Mind flay range has been increased to 30 yards, up from 20.

Yay, range, the glyph of mind flay now does what glyph of SW:P used to do, so if you already had that it doesn’t really change anything

•Shadowform now also causes devouring plague, and vampiric touch to benefit from haste, reducing the tick intervals and overall duration of the spells. It has also had its mana cost reduced to 13% down from 32%.

What I like about this is that it allows you to switch back and forth into healing without taking up as much mana as it did significantly. I have noticed a slight decrease in the interval rate, however I don’t think it impacts dps as much as I would have liked. Still its better than nothing.

•Vampiric embrace now provides a 30-minute buff that cannot be dispelled, instead of a target debuff, but only generates healing for single-target shadow damage spells

All this does is cut back the time that we normally would have spent applying to several mobs during a multi-mob pull. Helpful but the healing really is minimal at least for party members. I’ve thought about pulling these talent point and putting them into Improved Shield for survivability increase, but then I figured, the party doesn’t get ANY buff from just 1 person having a shield, improved shield only increases absorption by 10% with 2 talent points. Basically I figured what does that really do if you’re running a heroic and your dealt 3k of damage and your shield only has and increased absorption of a couple hundred points. I figure that the party would rather have a couple of hundred healing party wide than 1 person only having a couple hundred prevented 1 time.

•Glyph of mind flay now increases the damage done by Mind Flay by 10 per cent when the target is afflicted with shadow word: pain.

Same thing that glyph of SW:P used to do

•Glyph of shadow word: pain now causes the spell to restore 1% of the priest's base mana each tick.

Now this give back mana per tick. I’ve been looking and I really think that this is useless unless your in long battles. I’ve found that it helps out a lot in places like HoR or ICC, but in a normal fight that might be like 8 seconds or less your only going to be getting like 2 or 3% mana back. Still on the fence about this one as I haven’t really noticed that haste is eating up my mana beyond what shadowfiend and dispersion can take care of.

•Glyph of shadow now causes non-periodic spell critical strikes to increase spell power by 30%, up from 10%, of the priest's total spirit for 10 seconds.

Just a DPS increase